In 1976 my father who had been working in the states since the 60's immigrated our family to Los Angeles. I was 5 yrs. old and my father was working with Japanese gardeners. 

By 1978 my father took over the business. He took pride in the work just as he was taught by his predecessor.

All of my brothers and myself grew up in the business. We were taught everything my father new since day one. Growing up and finishing school was when I realized my heart was in the outdoors.

After high school I took drafting classes and furthered my botanical knowledge.  Working with my father and brothers we noticed clients poured thousands on designs they did not like. I said to myself why not have a the client become part of the plant and materials to make the project their own.

The results have been fantastic Since we started R&R Landscape in 2007 the business has really taken off and we are glad to be a part of a new efficient way of creating your dream in outdoor living area!